Accueil Retrospective of the 2022-2023 season

Retrospective of the 2022-2023 season

For The Karibous, the 2022-2023 season was packed. Between innovations, achievements, and exchanges, a lot happened. It’s time to take a brief look back and share it with our community.

Technology and Innovation:

Our robots underwent significant improvements this year. The two holonomic robots were optimized for better performance. The focus was on electronic integration, especially with the introduction of a more compact main board and a better integration of our lidar. For those curious about the technical details, the documentation on our website is being updated.

Moreover, a significant portion of our effort was dedicated to code development and software architecture, accessible on our github.

So, it’s been a pivotal year for us! By working on the second version of our robots developed the previous year, we highlighted the strengths and also the weaknesses of such a design. The work continues this summer to have an operational robot for the start of the school year!

The Belgium Cup:

Our first foray into the Belgium Cup was a memorable experience!

The atmosphere was warm, and we left with unforgettable memories. We’re proud of our performance, finishing 3rd among foreign teams and 6th overall.

This competition was an excellent springboard for our preparations for the French Cup. Additionally, we won the communication award rewarding our efforts this year to maintain a presence on networks mainly through our weekly streams! (More info below)

The French Robotics Cup:

The French Cup was, as always, a highlight of our season. The atmosphere was electric, with passionate and determined teams.

Despite some technical challenges, we’re pleased with our 22nd place among the 90 competing teams. The competition was fierce, but it only added to the excitement. You can find a detailed description of our 2023 matches on this post.

We’re eagerly awaiting the new regulations in September and getting back to work.

The Scope Show:

Our appearance on the Scope show was a highlight of the year. It was a fantastic platform to share our passion and discuss current robotics trends.

Our appearance on the Arte show Scope was a highlight of the year. It provided a fantastic platform to share our passion and discuss current trends in robotics.

Hosted by the talented Valentine Delattre and Marie Treibert, the show delved into the impact of robots on our daily lives and the transformations they bring to our society. During the episode, Pierre Girard introduced various teams and exhibitors from the RoboCup, providing insights into the latest innovations among the teams.

You can find the full article here.

Live with Barbatronic:

This season, we continued to share our passion live on the Barbatronic channel on Twitch and YouTube.

With over 5800 unique individuals on Twitch and nearly 10,000 subscribers on YouTube, we’re thrilled with the engagement and support we’ve received. Sharing our passion live, whether it’s design or 3D, manufacturing, testing, or assembly, has been an incredible experience. Everyone’s enthusiasm and curiosity were palpable. And we’re coming back in September with some great surprises!


We want to express our deep gratitude to everyone who made this season possible. Our partners have been a pillar of support, and we sincerely hope to continue this fruitful collaboration in the future.

A big thank you also to our community, competition volunteers, and everyone who shared this season with us. Your support, passion, and friendship have been the heartbeat of this season.

As we turn the page on this season, we’re filled with gratitude and anticipation for the coming year. See you in September for new adventures!